What we did

(and why we did it)

Smyths Toys

April - July 2019



The brief

To deliver 31 management development days including a HR survival kit, managing for effective performance, and managing investigations effectively.

Our approach

We worked with Smyths to develop a bespoke programme that met their goals and expectations, any legal and ethical demands and constraints, and our Strategi mantra that learning should be fun, valuable and challenging. Led by Anni Hollings, the courses were designed to ensure that the managers attending were kept busy throughout the day exploring ideas, concepts and behaviours that would meet the Smyths ethos and new ways of working. Over 200 managers attended and successfully completed the courses.

The result

The majority of managers attending were very complimentary about their experiences on the courses they attended. Many took the opportunity to thank Anni for her facilitation, her support for their learning and the confidence they felt on having been through the programmes. Going forwards, the team took the knowledge, experience and understanding with them and shared this with the wider team building on the internal leadership at Smyths Toys.

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We developed a bespoke programme that met the goals, expectations, and any legal and ethical demands and constraints.

Smyths HR Survival Kit
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