Training Your Employees to Train Others

Training Your Employees to Train Others

June 22, 2018

by Anni Hollings

I recently delivered a 'train the trainer' course to a group of adults who had been chosen within their organisation to train others in the workplace. All of the delegates for this particular session had masses of knowledge and experience in their job roles but most importantly they all had a passion to pass that knowledge and experience onto others – a quality that is a must for a successful trainer.

Training adults is very different to training children. Children have very little experience and therefore hang on every word, whereas most adults are worldly wise, they already have a pre-conception of what they already know. It may be that they have been in the same job for so long that they feel they have no need to attend training, so one of the biggest fundamentals when training others is that the trainee must feel that the information is useful to them. Gone are the days when we ‘train for trainings sake’.

Trainers must be chosen carefully – there are too many organisations that ask employee’s to train others, or ‘show them how to do the job’ simply because they have worked for the organisation for the longest and they can do the job with their eyes closed.  Sadly this approach does not work, poor training can only lead to poor results and performance and a de-motivated work-force.

Thankfully we are in an era where employers recognise the importance of training within the workplace with the emphasis on choosing the right individual to carry out training and a focus on the qualities within an employee to become an effective trainer.

An effective trainer should possess the following:

Industry and market place knowledge
A complete understanding of the industry and market place that the business operates in.  How can a trainer be expected to impart knowledge onto their trainees without a proven track record of working within that industry and market place?
They must be passionate about learning and imparting knowledge and skills onto other people. When an individual is passionate about something, it rubs off on other people. A successful trainer will want nothing more than their trainees to succeed, a passionate trainer receives more engagement from trainees and an engaged trainee will soak up new knowledge and take their own passionate beliefs with them after the training. The single most important thing that motivates me as a trainer is when I hear from a trainee who has successfully used a piece of knowledge or skill that I have imparted to them through training. Not only does it cement my job as a trainer but it gives me a buzz to know that I have contributed to another individuals success in some way.

High level of professionalism 
They must show professionalism towards all trainees on a training course to recognise all abilities, watch trainees to ensure that no-one is falling behind and ensuring that everyone understands what is being imparted whether it be knowledge or skill.  The professional trainer knows and understands how to deal with all types of delegates whilst ensuring an effective learning environment.

We can teach people how to establish training needs and how to design, write and deliver a successful training programme as long as they possess these three main qualities, something to think about the next time you ask someone to ‘train’ another individual.

Here at Strategi Solutions Group Ltd we offer engaging training and we ensure our research is up-to-date with the latest trends and information.  Most of our work is bespoke to a client’s business and is designed to allow for personalised learning to take place.  In addition to bespoke training we deliver a wide range of off the shelf training sessions and we can even help businesses secure funding.  (Specific criteria required). We see our delegates as people with different training needs and different ways of learning so we design our training to meet those needs.  Why not give us a call for an informal chat about how we can help your organisation.
Contact Michaela Tabinor or Anni Hollings at Strategi Solutions Group Ltd on 01782 969444 or email [email protected], or [email protected]

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Trainers must be chosen carefully – there are too many organisations that ask employee's to train others, or 'show them how to do the job' simply because they have worked for the organisation for the longest and they can do the job with their eyes closed.

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