The Powerful Benefits of Mentoring

The powerful benefits of mentoring

January 11, 2021

by Erin Hill

As we embark on a New Year that is beginning with #NationalMentoringMonth, it is the perfect time to reflect on the powerful benefits of mentoring.

From a personal and business perspective, utilising the guidance of those around you by sharing your hopes, fears and feelings will help to guide your next move and aid in a number of personal and more widely recognised improvements.

In any industry, we are always seeking to develop our skills, learn new things and challenge our current capabilities. This requires a certain level of commitment, and there are numerous factors that stop us from achieving these improvements.

With a mentor, we are able to accelerate our personal development, mental attitude, career opportunities and inner confidence. With these undeniable benefits, it is shocking that as of 2019 only 37% of professionals actually have a mentor.

So, why should you have a mentor? And how is this going to aid the business that you work in?


  1. Confidence

There will be no more shying away from discussions or not sharing your ideas, mentoring guarantees higher levels of confidence in yourself. When faced with tough decisions, increased confidence guarantees that you will be certain in your decisions and committed to the outcome. Learning from a mentor’s experience means you aren’t going to make the same mistakes, it’s a guaranteed win.

2. Feedback

Mentoring encourages you to look for your strongest and weakest areas, digging deep to identify how you can improve and celebrate your successes. We are all guilty of not asking for feedback, or taking negative feedback to heart, with a mentor you can channel these comments in a productive way, creating honest and effective relationships in the workplace. A mentor is going to help you define your career goals by putting a clear plan in place based upon your actions.

3. Accountability

Identifying your goals with someone that you admire requires honesty around your strengths, weaknesses, values and morals. Self-awareness is a necessary tool to have when it comes to career development, so having a mentor means that you are one step ahead of the game. Accountability breeds responsibility and by holding yourself accountable to your actions, you are going to learn much faster.

Career Development

  1. Promotions

Employees who receive mentoring are five times more likely to get a promotion than those who don’t have a mentor. That’s not a typo. By investing in mentoring career progression is therefore five times more likely than if you don’t. A no brainer.

2. Happiness

A powerful word, but reaching your goals gives you a feeling of success. With a mentor guiding you a joint feeling of fulfilment is guaranteed when you attain job satisfaction, whether that be the completion of a project, a promotion or simply praise from your line manager.

3. Networking

As the saying goes, ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ and elements of this do ring true. By having a mentor who themselves is successful in their field, it is likely that windows of opportunity will arise through the inspirational and important people that they know, this creating an impact on your career later down the line.

For the organisation

  1. Culture change

Learning, growth, nurturing, and communication are just a few of the benefits of mentoring. These positive outcomes will filter through entire organisations and create a team of happy people in the workplace. The knock-on effects of having a positive culture allow strong brands to grow, impacting every area of a business.

2. Recruitment

Mentoring programs aid in your business becoming a desirable place of work. Attracting new talent with the promise of support and career development. For millennials in particular, this is something which is openly expected when joining a new company.

3. Knowledge

Mentoring is the perfect way for experienced individuals in senior roles to pass on their knowledge to younger staff looking to learn and better themselves. By sharing knowledge and understanding in a particular industry prepares a business for its next generation, guaranteeing it is succession planning for the future.

At Strategi people are our ‘thing’. We have tried and tested these methods individually and as a team and we know that they work. By offering support to organisations, whether as a whole or with specific individuals, we are helping your business do better. Better performance means a happier team and happier customers, and that’s the ultimate goal, right?

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With a mentor, we are able to accelerate our personal development, mental attitude, career opportunities and inner confidence.

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